Get Your Home Ready for Minnesota Weather

When it comes to Minnesota weather, we experience the best and worst of times, unfortunately.

The hot summers and cold winters bring with them a range of weather conditions that can do a number on our homes and property. Storms can damage your siding, ruin your roof and rip the shingles out altogether, whereas the summer heat can drag out all the moisture and cause materials to crack. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For any storm-related damage repairs, you need a team of specialists from a restoration company that has had years of experience in the field. Principles Building & Remodeling is the answer to all your prayers!

As a leading company in the Minnesota exterior design industry, we use the best products and hire the best people so you get your money’s worth.

Need some basic siding repair in Minneapolis, MN? We’re on the case!

Got a roof that’s suffered extensive storm damage? We’re the repair contractors for you!

No matter what the project may be, big or small, in the Twin Cities or any of the surrounding areas, you can count on us to have them fixed perfectly and in no time!

Book a consultation today with Principles Building & Remodeling and allow us to help you in giving your home’s exterior a much-needed upgrade.