July 11, 2023

Having a high-quality gutter system is an integral part of a well-functioning property. Without gutters, water would simply stand stagnant around your home’s structure, causing a plethora of significant problems. With regular maintenance, cleaning, and removing common pests, your gutter system can continue functioning properly and protect your home from potential structural failures.


Everyone home needs a sound gutter system to efficiently ensure that rainwater and melting ice or snow can move away from the home’s roof, siding, and surrounding area. Pooling water within your gutter system can potentially wreak havoc on your house. Gutter system issues lead to rotting, roof leakage, collapses, and even extensive foundation damage. There are a few main types of gutter systems to choose from, which include:

  • Seamless gutter systems
  • Half-round gutters
  • K-style rain gutters

Just as the name implies, seamless gutter systems lack the kinks and joints commonly found in traditional gutter systems. Seamless systems help stop leaves and other debris from building up, but they can still be a comfortable home for common pests.

Regular gutter maintenance and removal of dirt, debris, and fallen leaves allow water to move more quickly through the system. Removing stagnant water minimizes the opportunity for pests and insects to build a home in your gutters. Let’s get a better understanding of the pests to look out for around your home and find a few smart methods to remove them.


Gutters offer a wide range of excellent benefits for homeowners. However, they can be prone to problems thanks to pesky critters and pests. Removing clogged leaves and other debris from gutters is an easy process, but dealing with pests is a bit more involved. Below, we look at the most common critters that like to call your gutters home and how to get rid of them either by yourself or using a professional gutter cleaning service:


The first animal on our list that homeowners have to watch out for in their gutters is birds. Birds love to build nests and lay their eggs inside the comfort of durable gutter sections, even if you have tons of trees and other areas perfectly suitable for a songbird. You’re especially likely to discover a nest in your gutter’s joints, which is why most modern remodeling companies recommend seamless gutter systems.

Removing birds’ nests from your gutters is a simple process. Just grab a ladder, climb up, and gently remove the nest from the gutter. Place the nest in a safe spot so that the mother bird can find her babies and continue to care for them. Unfortunately, although removing nests from your gutters is easy enough, there is no way to guarantee that another nest won’t just take its place in the near future.


Another animal that can make a home out of your house’s gutters is squirrels. Squirrels are typically the most common rodent found in residential gutters, so we’re giving them their own category.

Squirrels are smart animals, so it’s challenging to deter them from blocking up and destroying your gutters. Like other rodents, these little creatures are just looking for a warm, comfortable place to stay in your attic. To avoid a squirrel infestation up there, make sure you clean your gutters regularly and patch up any apparent holes in the roof or your home’s siding.


While squirrels are the rodent that residential homeowners primarily have to worry about, other rodents can cause issues in your gutters too. There is a wide range of rodents across America that look to make a nice nest within the confines of your gutter system, including:

  • Mice
  • Black rats (sometimes called roof rats)
  • Chipmunks
  • Raccoons
  • Possum

These curious critters don’t mean any harm; they just gravitate towards the warmth of your home and get in through small holes in your roofing. Although they’re cute, most people don’t want these types of rodents hanging around their property, so when they infiltrate your gutter system, it can be a big problem.

The best way to deal with a rodent infestation in your gutter system is to call a local exterminator or gutter cleaning company to address the issue. When rodents make a home in your gutters, it causes blockages that can be a big problem for you down the road. Don’t let these little guys take over your gutters; get help from a professional when an infestation occurs.


One of the most painful infestation problems homeowners can experience is an infestation of insects such as hornets, bees, and wasps. These buzzing insects build nasty nests within your gutter system, leaving behind a big mess for you to clean up.

When wasp and hornet nets arise on your property, it’s best not to deal with them yourself, as this can be extremely dangerous. To ensure that you don’t end up with a hundred wasp, bee, or hornet stings, you should contact an experienced extermination company to take care of the insect infestation.


It’s no secret that Minnesota has a big problem with mosquitos, especially on those warm summer nights near the lake. Although the state of Minnesota can be quite beautiful, the buzzing mosquitos and be a big annoyance to any homeowner who likes to spend time outdoors enjoying their beautiful landscaping.

Mosquitos like gutters because they’re moist, making it easy for them to reproduce and run rampant around your property. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in standing water, so you want to have a gutter system that drains efficiently to avoid a mosquito infestation.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is a little trickier than the other pests on our list, but it’s not impossible. Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to eliminate standing water in your gutters altogether, the best way to fight off those pesky mosquitoes is by cleaning and maintaining your gutter system regularly. Discard leaves and built-up debris to help rainwater flow through the system and away from your home. With annual gutter maintenance, you can say goodbye to those unbearable mosquitoes.


Without accurately installed and high-functioning gutters, your yard will be a huge mess. However, some pest-related problems can arise for any homeowner.

Keep an eye out for insect infestation, rodents, mosquitoes, birds, and other perturbing pests on your property. When these little critters access your gutter system, they often find it to be a great home. Although some of them might look cute, these pests can pose significant problems for your gutter system and hinder its ability to drain rainwater away from your home.

Avoid a soggy, swamp-like yard and potential damage to your house’s structure by maintaining your gutter system regularly. Construction and remodeling companies like Principles can help you come up with a proper maintenance plan that keeps pests away from your gutter system throughout each season.



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