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Why Roof Leakage is a Bigger Problem Than You Think!

leaking roof
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leaking roof

The EPA reported that each year, more than 10,000 gallons of water is wasted due to leakage issues. When there’s a leak in your roof, you really only have two options: get it fixed immediately or delay and face a host of other issues.

Increasing Costs

You may hope that the leak will repair itself but that’s obviously not going to happen. Putting off roof leakage repair can increase your indirect costs exponentially.

Even small leaks can eventually wreak havoc. Water gets accumulated in the walls and attic causing more damage. You might have to hire a number of professionals to fix the problems caused by a small leak.

Mold and Mildew

When you’ve ignored water damage of any kind for a while, mold and mildew begin to invade your home. Mildew is relatively easy to treat but once mold begins to spread it can be difficult and costly to contain.

Mold spreads rapidly through most surfaces such as your vents, furniture, walls and damages anything in its path. If you can identify mold on your walls, you’ve let the problem fester for far too long and it’s time to call in a professional to fix that leak.

Mold isn’t just visually unappealing. It’s fungi that can cause serious infections. In fact, the risk of respiratory problems increases by 30 to 50 percent due to the presence of mold. Some people are more sensitive to mold and can develop serious complications.

Damaged Insulation

An attic’s insulation protects the house against extreme temperatures. When water becomes clogged it renders the insulation ineffective.

If your electric bills are rising without any apparent reason, consider your insulation damaged.

In addition, damaged insulation serves as a breeding ground for mold even in dry weather.

Risk of Hazards

If water seeps into the walls it can reach the electrical wiring of your house and cause short circuits and even a fire. Contact with water may result in a deadly electric shock if a metal junction box is compromised.

It’s recommended to switch off the power supply of any area that might be impacted and call in a technician immediately.

Leaky roofs lead to small puddles. If you have children running around the house, you should get that water mopped and have buckets placed.


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