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storm windows installed in a lounge

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Keeping the House Safe: Why Installing Storm Windows is so important

There is no “perfect” time or season to install storm windows. Whether it’s the middle of summer or winter, installing storm windows provides homeowners with a number of benefits including…

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Posted By Joe Siebenaler ‐ July 4, 2019

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Home Siding: The Top 5 Factors to Consider

There is a lot to consider when choosing new siding. After all, this material is going to cover…

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Midwest Living: Cold Climate Roofing Materials

The roof is a fundamental building block of any home. It protects you from the elements and keeps…

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house roofs

5 Factors That Affect Your Roofing Quote in Farmington, MN

If you’re planning to install a new roof for your Farmington home, it’s worth knowing what factors will…

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roof asphalt

How You Can Make Your New Farmington Asphalt Roof More Storm-Resilient

While wind storms in Farmington are usually of short duration, thanks to the city’s secluded location away from…

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roof and siding repair

5 Signs Its Time to Get Your Sides Repaired

More than $12 billion are spent annually on roof repairs. Most roof repairs are minor but can help you…

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leaking roof

Why Roof Leakage is a Bigger Problem Than You Think!

The EPA reported that each year, more than 10,000 gallons of water is wasted due to leakage issues. When…

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house restoration after storm

A Guide to Choosing the Right Restoration Company

Shock, anger, sadness, denial, anxiety, and fear are a few emotions people experience following a natural disaster that…

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