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How You Can Make Your New Farmington Asphalt Roof More Storm-Resilient

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While wind storms in Farmington are usually of short duration, thanks to the city’s secluded location away from the coastal lines, they can be pretty intense and hard to predict.

It was only in July this year that severe storms ripped through the southern half of Minnesota, bringing angry winds and fierce hail to the neighborhoods of Farmington.

Storms cause plenty of property damage, especially to roofs, tearing them, uprooting them and knocking them hard and down. For homeowners who have had new asphalt roofs installed, this can be more concerning; what could be worse than seeing your new big-ticket investment with a shredded hole caused by flying projectiles and uplifting air currents.

So what can homeowners do to make their new roofs more storm-resilient?

Here are a few things our roofing experts believe you need to ensure when your roofing contractors in minneapolis mn is installing asphalt roof at your house for added storm protection:

Use the right shingles

The safety of your roof starts by ensuring that your roofing company is using the right asphalt shingles for your roofing project.

Asphalt shingles come with different wind resistance ratings. It’s crucial to choose shingles that are rated higher so that they can hold their own when a storm tries to blow them off.

Nail the shingles correctly

This is something that roofing companies are not always mindful of, especially inexperienced ones.

Shingles need to be nailed as per the pattern recommended by the asphalt shingle manufacturer. Check to make sure that your roofing contractor is following the instructions from the manufacturer correctly.

Apply adhesive on the first row of shingles

Shingles lining the edge of the roof are most vulnerable to damage from high speed winds. Therefore, you need to make sure they’re fastened well. Use asphalt glue in addition to nails when installing the first row of shingles for reinforced protection.

Install drip edges

Drip edges will safeguard your asphalt shingle roof from strong gusts of wind. Additionally, they will protect it from insect infestation and rainwater damage.

Roof repair in process

You might think: Okay, am I supposed to go up on my roof each day to watch my roofing company install it and make sure they’re installing it correctly? Like, really?

Well, of course, not. That’s why it’s important to hire storm restoration specialists minneapolis mn professionals who you can trust to do the job the right way.

Here, at Principles Building and Remodeling, we have the required experience and expertise to carry out a roof installation job in Minneapolis to Farmington, MN and beyond. Call us to discuss your asphalt shingle roof project today.

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