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The Best Time of Year to Repair and Replace Your Windows

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Windows are one of your home or building’s first lines of defense against interior damage during storms or due to external physical forces. When window damage occurs, your home or business faces the risk of running into further issues in the future.

The best time to repair or replace your broken windows is always right away! However, in places like Minnesota, where fall and winter weather is often unpredictable and unforgiving, right away isn’t an option all year-round. If you have to wait, repairing and replacing your windows will be most advantageous in warmer periods such as spring and early summer.

When the warmer months of Minnesota roll around, you can count on Principles Building and Remodeling, an experienced window replacement company. They can come up with a construction timeline that works with your lifestyle and gets you back to working windows in absolutely no time.

How Long Do Windows Last?

Properly installed windows are integral to a well-functioning home or commercial building. The best window systems are made with high-quality materials made specifically to withstand near-constant weathering, temperature fluctuations, storms, precipitation, and other physical forces known to cause window damage.

Several attractive window styles are popular among home and business owners in the United States. Different types of windows will provide practical benefits to your home depending on the design and your local weather or environment. Some of the most common window styles typically carried by window repair companies include:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Picture windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Casement windows
  • Storm windows

You can learn more about the importance of high-quality storm windows for homeowners in states like Minnesota here.

Working with a trusted window contractor in your area ensures a smooth, seamless installation of the windows of your choice that lasts for years to come. The expected lifespan of modern window systems typically ranges from approximately 20 to 25 years with the right amount of annual window maintenance and seasonal preparation. An experienced window installation and repair company can work with you to develop a practical maintenance plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

6 Surefire Signs It’s Time for Repairs or Replacement

Although well-installed window systems will last throughout their lifespan with regular maintenance, there are many instances where window damage occurs completely out of a property owner’s control. If you notice any of the following problems from normal wear and tear, weathering, or other physical damage, don’t wait to get started on window repairs or installing new replacement windows:

  1. Broken or cracked window glass
  2. Peeling paint on your window’s trim
  3. Prevalence of drafts from window areas
  4. Difficulty operating windows and closures
  5. Lingering moisture inside window panes
  6. Consistently high energy costs

Your chosen window contractor can recommend the best types of windows for your local environment, ensuring that you save money on energy bills and stay protected from potentially severe storms and other weathering events that can damage your windows.

The Best Time to Begin Window Repairs or a Replacement

As discussed earlier, property owners must deal with window damage right away whenever possible to avoid losing valuable money and energy. Window damage leaves your home or building vulnerable to the outside environment, intruders, or other attacks, making it essential to immediately handle any damage your windows have incurred.

Allowing windows to remain broken exacerbates these issues, leaving you with more costly and extensive repairs in the end. However, when snow and ice cover the ground or the cold Minnesota wind whips over the barren landscape, repairing and replacing windows can be an impossible task. If you can’t make it work right away when it comes to window repairs and replacement processes, that’s okay. Other times throughout the year still make ideal options for window repairs and replacements.

Spring and Early Summer

Scheduling anything ranging from a simple window repair job all the way to a total window replacement when the weather thaws out in spring is another excellent time of year in Minnesota to take care of your construction if right away is not feasible for you.

Warmer, dryer weather makes the construction process smoother and more enjoyable for the residents of your home or building. Ideally, the weather will be not too hot and not too cold, providing a comfortable environment for your window repair company to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Warm, dry weather will also keep the interior of your home or business clean during construction since there’s less opportunity for rain, mud, and other nasty outdoor elements to make their way into your home.

An average window installation or replacement timeline varies depending on the number of windows on the property. Most experienced window installation contractors can replace or install one window in an hour or less, but warmer spring weather makes that process go even easier. Completing work on your home or business’s windows in the spring is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly, keeping the interior of your home warm and clean throughout construction.


Living outside of Minnesota leaves a little more wiggle room when it comes to the right time to repair and replace your home or commercial business’s windows. Warmer climates where the weather remains more mild and predictable throughout the year make fall a more appropriate time to work on your home improvement projects.

However, in Minnesota, making a plan to replace or repair your windows in the fall is risky business. The North Star state is known for blustery winds and ferocious blizzard conditions that often appear at the drop of a hat, even in the autumn months.

If you’re caught with an open wall or missing window in your home when a snowstorm or cold snap hits, your home’s residents are not going to be happy. That’s why we typically recommend sticking with spring or early summer when repairing and replacing your windows in Minnesota or other icy Midwestern states.

Window Repairs vs. Replacement: The Right Option for You

Determining whether window repairs or a total replacement is the right choice for your home or business is another big question many modern property owners face in Minnesota and beyond. Specific signs of damage, such as minor cracks in the glass or frame or the slight indication of peeling paint, might only require a few simple repairs from your trusted window repair contractor.

Otherwise, more extensive damage from dangerous weather, intruders, physical forces, or damage from old age all should be dealt with by homeowners using an entire window replacement.

Contact a company like Principles Building & Remodeling when you decide it’s the right time to take care of your window issues and experience the efficiency of a reliable Minnesota window replacement company. We can help you save money on energy costs and keep your home or commercial building’s residents safe from external forces with a high-quality window repair or replacement.

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