5 Factors That Affect Your Roofing Quote in Farmington, MN

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If you’re planning to install a new roof for your Farmington home, it’s worth knowing what factors will affect the price of your roof estimate.

Every roof (and every situation) is different, and what you might get quoted for your roofing project, your friend or neighbor might get quoted something completely different for their roofing project, even though you both may contact the same roofing company for the quotes.

Roof size

This one is quite obvious, but we can’t write a blog post about roof installation costs without mentioning size. Generally speaking, the larger the square footage to be covered in a job, the more expensive that job is.

Roof pitch

The pitch of the roof affects its price in two ways. First, if a roof is steep, it could be difficult for the roofers to work on it, and they might, therefore, charge you more to install it. Second, the pitch of the roof determines the type of underlayment system to be installed, which affects the material costs, and thus, the quote.

Roofing material to be installed

Roofs come in many materials, from asphalt to metal to clay tiles. Depending on which type of roofing material you want to use for your roofing project, the cost of the project will vary.

Roof being removed

Unless you’re building a new home, any roof installation project will have to start with the removal of the old roof first. Yes, you can install a new roof on an old one, but that’s not recommended because such installations aren’t durable. The work involved in the tear-off of the old roof will affect your roofing quote.

Roofing components being installed

A roof is a system made of many different components. It has tiles (or shingles), decking and underlayment, ventilation and insulation, and other structural components to protect it from water damage and pest infestation. Depending on what roofing components you plan to install for your project, the price of the new roof will vary.

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