Get the piece of mind when it comes to roofing. PBR has the best roofers in the region. We use only the best material in the industry. GAF, Owens Corning, Malarky, Certainteed, Atlas.


PBR uses a wide range of siding material. From vinyl to cement board. We use technology to create a digital image showing your new house before its done so you know your getting exactly what you want.


Windows are the worst kept secret in the home. Many homeowners think just because they can see out of their window,that its actually operating properly. Your windows are a vital artery to your home energy efficiency. We offer over 10 excellent window brands to suit your needs and wants.

Attic Insulation

 Another vital artery in home energy efficiency. Builders for decades have under insulated attics in new homes. We can blow in additional insulation or remove all existing insulation. We also perform spray foam insulation.

Storm Restoration

Storms come in and they are relentless. Leaving a path of destruction in its wake. PBR is your peace of mind. We are a one stop shop. Usually its not just your roof that is damaged, instead of calling around and trying to find a reputable company to complete each trade, PBR has you covered.

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